Our Services

Royal Princes Co., Ltd. is an earthwork construction company based in Myanmar specializing in the construction of earthworks, macadam roads, bituminous roads, concrete roads and piling works. We have officially and successfully contracted projects from varying sectors of Myanmar's infrastructure ranging from government to private sectors.

We inclusively provide our construction services with our own well-trained survey team as well as an on-site quality control team working around the clock without having to outsource to external contractors or service providers during the project.

Our Land Survey Team

Royal Princes Co., Ltd. has an in-house engineering survey group and is available to provide surveying work quickly, accurately and cost-effectively without the need to hire or outsource external land survey firms to help us with the pre-engineering procedures before the construction projects. To excellently accomplish the land survey tasks from our end, we have been assisted by the establishment of our own computer systems and the utilization of modern survey equipment ranging from electronic total stations to G.P.S.

Land Surveying

  • Topographic survey

  • Golf Course survey

  • Railway line survey

  • Airport (Airfield) survey

  • Road Line survey

  • Boundary Line survey

  • Dam Location survey

Level Line Carrying Surveying

  • Site / Location survey

  • Building Line survey

  • Building Line as-built survey

  • Underground Pipe Line survey

  • Piling survey

  • Renovation survey

Our Quality Control Team

These are our laboratory instruments which we use to inspect the quality of our roads so as to maintain the highest quality possible. Our vigorous and thorough process of testing the roads before, during and after the construction of each project, using our own inventory of laboratory instruments, helps ensure us from ever falling below par of the high standard of quality for our earthwork and road standards. We have our own Quality Control (QC) team employed on-site throughout all projects who are working around the clock at constant intervals to check, test and analyse the conditions of the roads.

Our Machinery

Machinery And Equipment List

1 Excavator ( Kobelco , SK 330-8 )( 33 Tons)
2 Excavator ( Kobelco, SK 70SR )( 7 Tons)
3 Excavator (Caterpillar , 320 C ) ( 20 Tons)
4 Dozer (Caterpillar , D7G )( 22 Tons)/MI (2)D 22
5 METONG Bitumen Sprayer ( LMT 5050GLQ)(2011)/(LMT5081GLQ)(2011)
6 Crush Stone Distributor
7 Soil Compactor (TCM- 870)(17 Tons)
8 Vibratory Compactor ( Sakai, SV 512D)/(Foton , FS814-IM)(12 Tons)
9 Grader ( Mitsubishi , MG 430)(14 Tons)/(SDLG, G9190 )(16 Tons)
10 Tyre Roller ( Liu Gone , CLG-6516E)(16 Tons)/( Liu Gone , CLG-6312)(12 Tons)
11 Roller (15 Tons)
12 Dump Truck ( 6 x 4 )(10 Tons)
13 Dump Truck ( 4 x 2 )(3 Tons)
14 Transporter ( Nissan UD) with Trailer ( 20 Tons)
15 Water Bowser ( 7,200,2,800 Gals.)
16 Fuel Bowser ( 2,800 Gals.)
17 Management Vehicle
18 Rock Crusher ( Fix-2 Nos .& Mobile -5 Nos.)
19 Laboratory Instruments